RSPCA Cupcake Day

Posted on 22 Jun 2018



RSPCA WA Cupcake Day is back on Monday 20 August. As the proud print partner of RSPCA WA, we encourage you to get baking to help fight animal cruelty! Register today at to receive your host pack, which includes tips to make your day a fundraising success as well as plenty of delicious recipes for humans and furbabies.


P.S. Frankie can’t wait to get her paws on some pupcakes :P

Great Customer Feedback from Home Base Magazine

Posted on 24 May 2018
Home Base Magazine

Home Base Magazine


Picton has been given the opportunity to produce Home Base Magazine, and after successfully delivering the latest issue to the publisher this week, we have received incredibly positive feedback:

“I finally saw the Home Base magazine and I just wanted to say thank you so much and please also thank your team. It is a really beautiful job – Noticeably better than anything we have ever had in the past. So please promise me you will pass on my gratitude.”


Home Base Magazine

Home Base Magazine



Home Base Magazine

Home Base Magazine

International Day of the Forests & FSC Australia’s Forum

Posted on 20 Mar 2018


Picton is proud to be an FSC member, and this week is a big one for forests.

Wednesday 21 March is the International Day of the Forests, and Thursday 22 March is FSC Australia’s Public Forum.

Please click here for more information.

Innovation, automation behind Picton’s drive to be the most efficient printer in Australia

Posted on 14 Feb 2018

It’s not just the technology that helps us in this drive, our staff are a critical part of our success and we have recently been awarded the FutureNow Workforce Development Award at the 2017 PICA Awards in recognition of Training, Professional Development, Organisational Culture, Flexible Work Practices and Workforce Diversity. Saied Safa, our latest Apprentice, was also awarded the 2017 Apprentice of the Year Award at the same awards. We were recently featured in the latest edition of the Campaign Brief Magazine, which can be seen below.

Page 33 from the December 2017 issue of Campaign Brief Magazine

Page 33 from the December 2017 issue of Campaign Brief Magazine

Picton entrusted to preserve Peet history

Posted on 02 Mar 2016

Picton has long been associated with many Iconic Western Australian Companies. Late Last year we embarked on a project for Trilogy Advertising and Marketing to produce a case Bound Book for Peet Ltd celebrating 120 Years from 1895 – 2015. As proud printers of this publication we were featured in the latest issue of campaign Brief Magazine, which can be seen below.


Page 12 from the current issue of Campaign Brief Magazine

Page 12 from the current issue of Campaign Brief Magazine

Data Rules at Picton

Posted on 08 Feb 2016

At Picton several years ago we decided we were going to be the printer of the future. A lean manufacturing outfit with the ability to produce goods to our clients requirements quickly and efficiently with only the best quality output.

We believe that we have come a long way down that road, we are able to provide competitive, sustainable pricing for the highest quality work in the industry. This is being recognised by the industry, check out the latest article on how we use data to drive our efficiencies

but what does that mean to you as a print buyer? It would be easy to dismiss it as just industry chest beating and just another printer stuck in the past talking about their machinery, but at Picton everything we do to improve our business systems comes back to you as a benefit in the form of solutions as well as price.

Some of the benefits that our investment in technology have bought to our customers are:

·         Customised delivery solutions – your logo on documents, importing your database for distribution

·         Notifications – get notified when your job is ready for pickup or delivery, including carrier tracking information

·         Automated workflows – brings you your proof and ultimately your job quicker

·         Web to Print – Customised online portals and the very best pricing for online work
and of course

·         The very best and most accurate pricing

All of these benefits have come to our customer due to our investment in technology and systems. We have the data about our business and can deliver better solutions to you faster because of that.

Next time you need a print solution, experience the difference that a printer where data rules can make to you and your business

Video Rental Slicks

Posted on 07 Jan 2016

Picton has always been about using print to provide solutions to all industries and the Video Rental industry is one of them. As technology changes, Video Rental stores need to communicate with their customers and add value to the service they provide now more than ever.

At Picton we developed an automated system for producing Video Rental slicks (covers for DVD and Blu-Ray movies that are rented out from a store) which are customised to each store along with the branding for the chain that they are part of.

With over 40 variable elements on a cover including title information (which we source from distributors) and custom store elements like local store advertising, trading hours contact details etc. – We provide a quality slick that adds value to the rented title and gets the video store branding right into the living room of their customer.

As part of the service we also have a custom online portal for video stores to generate temporary PDF slicks for use in store when one is damaged, stolen or extra stock arrives. If a title is in our database of over 70,000 titles, a store can generate a custom PDF slick in under a minute online and print at the store.

Video Rental slicks are one of the many examples of solutions built in house at Picton that make us way more than just a printer.

2015 Media Super Young Executive of The Year Award

Posted on 20 Nov 2015
Murray Scott (left) with Eric Cordero General Manager, Growth, Media Super

Murray Scott (left) with Eric Cordero General Manager, Growth, Media Super


Picton is pleased to announce that our very own Operations Manager Murray Scott took out the coveted Media Super Young Executive of the Year Award on Saturday night at the Inaugural Western Australian Printers Ball & The 38th Annual PICA night held at the Hyatt Regency.

The award recognises the achievements and leadership qualities of the younger generation in the industry.

 On winning the award:

“It’s great to be recognised through the Media Super Young Executive of the Year Award. To have been nominated by my employer is wonderful recognition for the effort that I invest in my role. To be selected by Media Super as the winner of this award for Western Australia, up against many young, innovative and quality members of the printing industry is truly an  honour. The support of Media Super for this award is an investment in the future of our industry and provides an important platform from which young leaders and executives can be heard on both a state and national level.”

Introducing Customized Delivery Slips

Posted on 05 Feb 2015

pictoncustomdockets2015 is a very exciting time, and as part of our continual investment to enable us to add value to everything we do for our loyal customers, we are excited to present custom delivery dockets and shipping labels!

We can add value to the services you provide by adding YOUR branding to the delivery dockets and labels that go to customers who you manage print for – and it’s absolutely free!

To get started, simply contact your Account Manager, send us your logo (sized at 163 x 117 pixels and PNG format) and we will do the rest – then all of your delivered printed material will be labelled with your logo.

This is handled completely automatically by our system once setup for ALL of your jobs, this means there is no human error in the labelling of your boxes, especially important if we ship to a third-party on your behalf. The labels and dockets will appear to have been sent directly by you.

If you have any questions or you would like more information, please contact your Account Manager or call us on (08) 6242 0555.

New staff and a new way of processing simple jobs!

Posted on 21 Oct 2014


As part of our constant investment in technology and solutions for our customers, Picton is proud to introduce Picton DIY, our online brand and a way for our customers to process simple jobs online.

Picton DIY is a simple platform for our customers to order simple jobs online, a range of products are available from business cards to flyers, posters and various other standard sized products. Ordering is as simple as choosing your product, uploading your artwork and processing payment.

Once we have received your order, our automated workflow kicks in, processes your file and places it directly into production, once printed your job will be despatched to you as soon as possible with some automated email notifications along the way.

To look after our new online platform, we are happy to welcome Aimie Fewster onto our staff. Aimie will be maintaining the Picton DIY and will be available for any questions or queries you may have.

If you would like to be one of the first customers to use the new Picton DIY service, contact your existing sales rep if you have one or email



What’s been happening at Picton?

Posted on 16 Sep 2014

Picton is well known for its quality print production and excellent customer service and anyone who has been to the Picton building recently or follows us on Facebook will know that a lot has been happening, but what HAVE we been up to? Well here goes..




Software changes: Last July Picton became the first company in Australia to implement the EFI Pace MIS (management information system) This software now manages all of our estimating, planning, scheduling and

accounts. The system has taken some time to perfect for our implementation (as expected with software so new to our market) however the system has delivered many benefits and in partnership with EFI will continue to do so. Our customers will notice the following changes in the coming months:

  • Faster turnaround on estimates. Our estimating team are able to use a number of pre-built workflows as well as optimisation within Pace to quickly generate an estimate to your requirements. Pace actually uses inbuilt intelligence to pick the best production method for the particular job, evaluating far more production methods that a human would be able to do in a reasonable time.
  • Quicker Answers! As Pace is integrated into more of our machinery and systems, your customer service staff will have instant access to information on a particular job, meaning our staff will know what machine the job is on and when it is scheduled for dispatch. No more guessing
  • Automated notifications. Our customers will have noticed in recent weeks that our system now notifies the customer when their job has been dispatched and where applicable gives the tracking information link from the freight provider such that the customer can actually track their own freight (when we use an air or interstate road carrier)

Not only that, but some of our customers have already had custom workflows and custom online portals built to meet their specific needs.

boothMachinery: Anyone who has visited the factory since June will have seen the behemoth that is the KBA Rapida 106. This is our new 10 colour perfecting press, however this is not just any press. It is fitted with the latest technology. Cameras that read colour on each and every sheet (both sides) allow the press to make its own adjustments on the fly, integration to Pace, meaning all of the information that the press operator needs to run a job is already entered into the press before he starts and Automated ink trac system which delivers the correct amount of ink to the ink ducts without the need for an operator to load the ink. All of these features make this press awesome, but one thing makes it incredible and one of a kinda within Australia.. speed! This press runs at 18000 sheets per hour.. that’s 18000 A1 sheets or the equivelant of 144,000 A4 sheets in one hour printed in full colour (plus a varnish or corporate colour if required) on both sides! The technology makes it awesome but the ability to do all this at such a fast speed puts this press at the top of its category.

Along side our investment in the new KBA, we have also invested in a new Kodak Magnus CTP device. This device uses a laser to create the printing plates for the KBA machine. The KBA press is a make-ready king so it chews through the plate changes meaning we needed to be able to make plates faster! With an automatic plate loader capable of holding 600 plates at a time and a speed of 45 plates per hour, the Kodak Magnus is just what we need to keep up with the thirst of the KBA for more plate changes!



Kodak NexPress Printing

Of course our digital department got a refresh back in February 2013 with 2 brand new Kodak Nexpress digital presses being installed, one of them with a long sheet feeder enabling a sheet
size of up to 660mm long (meaning we can print products like a 6ppA4 and presentation folders on a digital press)


Picton continues on its transformation through the implementation of all of this equipment and software. The ultimate goal for Picton is to have an efficient and highly automated workflow allowing us to focus on delivery of quality printed products and gives us even more ability to provide a solution to our customers, not just ink on paper.

Picton Sponsors Lexus Telethon Ball

Posted on 07 Nov 2013

Picton believes that giving back to the community has to be part of every successful business. Telethon is an incredibly good cause and has given so much to the West Australian community over its many years.

Picton has been a long time sponsor of the Lexus Telethon Ball which is now in its sixth year and a high profile tradition of the Telethon weekend each year. It is rated as one of the top 10 social events in WA and attracts high profile guests.

This year Picton was a premium table sponsor as well as providing all the printed matter for the event (invites, tickets and programs)

Managing Director Dennis Hague was in attendance and managed to pose for a photo with channel 7’s Samantha Armytage, there are even more photos of the evening from Kate Drennan Photography at

The Lexus Telethon Ball raised $558 000 out of a total of $20 701 272 raised by Telethon this year.

Dennis Hague officially announces the purchase of Australia’s fastest 10-colour KBA sheetfed Press

Posted on 11 Oct 2013

Picton is proud to officially announce the purchase of Australia’s first ten-colour perfector Rapida 106 from Koenig & Bauer Group (KBA) in Germany.

This decision was no small feat and included travel to Japan and Germany to ensure that the machines were genuinely suitable for our needs and produced a print that was of the quality we required.

The press is not due to arrive until early 2014 but once installed, it will enable us to be able to print up to 144,000 A4, two-sided prints per hour on this machine alone. This is 50% faster than the current capacity on a smaller unit.

The key reason we chose to go with this machine – other than the obvious speed efficiencies -  is that it integrates with the brand new MIS (Management Information System) that began roll out this year. Each job already requires less manual processing and the new printer will ‘feed’ live feedback on the time, cost and quality of each job.

What is vital to note, is that the automation of the process at Picton is not about taking people out of the mix but instead is about increasing efficiency and making our pricing even more competitive.

To see the most recent article written by Australian Printer Magazine and to keep in the loop as the latest news unfolds – check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

FSC® Australia Annual Excellence Awards 2012

Posted on 03 Dec 2012

FSC® Australia and FSC® International held the Sixth Annual Excellence Awards on the 26th of November 2012, at the Hilton on the Park Hotel in Melbourne.

The awards are open to Organisations and Individuals in Australia who are committed to being involved in the FSC® system; creating a marketplace that promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests.

The category we were nominated for was the FSC® Print Services Award. Entrants were eligible to enter if they were considered to be large-scale paper users, including Printers, Print Brokers and publishers using FSC® certified paper & printers.

We are proud to announce that we were selected as a finalist in the Print Services Award category.


Print proofing in the digital age

Posted on 09 Oct 2012

There’s no denying we are living in a digital age, and the challenge – one that we’re up for, is keeping up to speed with the ever-changing technology that surrounds us.

With that in mind, we recently armed our account managers with iPads loaded with some nifty programs, taught them how to use them, and sent them back out on the road to show off their skills to our clients.

With the iPads, we are now able to show our clients digital proofs using pixel streaming in high-resolution – face-to-face, rather than sending them compressed, low-resolution PDF files via the Internet. This allows our account managers to annotate printing proofs on the spot, making any changes the client requires in real-time, before immediately passing any feedback through to our team at head office.

This latest initiative saves both on time and resources, whilst giving our clients a truer representation of their particular printing job. It’s a win-win for all concerned!

Keeping Lean & Green

Posted on 05 Oct 2012

There is no doubt that there is a conscious effort being made globally to reduce the impact we have on the environment.  Increased awareness and tighter regulations around the world are pushing industry and providers to adopt more sustainable, and environmentally responsible practices, and we’re all for it!

So we’ve been working hard here at Picton to streamline the way we go about our printing, in an effort to reduce the amount of water and chemicals we use, and the amount of waste that we leave behind.  Over the past two years, by refining the way we make our printing plates, we’ve managed to slash our water consumption from a daily usage of over 2000L a day, down to just 150L of recycled water per day.

We realised too, that just by switching from the 1L ink tins we have always used, to 200L ink drums, we could save more than 10,000 tins annually from ending up at the waste disposal.  And by educating our staff and rolling in better recycling practices, we’ve been able to dramatically increase the amount of waste we recycle, whilst reducing the amount we waste.

Having made good inroads on our water use and the waste side of things, we looked then to reducing the amount of chemicals that go into and out of our systems.  Kodak came to the party – in more ways than one, with the recent launch of their new Process Free Plates.  This next generation of process free technology not only increases productivity and simplifies our operations by reducing the number of steps required for platemaking, it also removes all chemistry, water and waste from the plate making process – and reduces our power consumption to boot!

These are just some of things we’ve been able to implement so far.  It really is pretty easy to make positive and environmentally friendly changes in your work place when you put your mind to it, and we’re pretty rapt with what we have been able to achieve in such a short space of time.  Here at Picton Press, we’re committed to doing all that we can, and we will continue to strive to be as clean and green as possible.




Representing WA

Posted on 02 Oct 2012

We would like to congratulate our General Manager, Graham Jamieson, for being appointed onto the national board of the Printing industries of Australia.

To keep updated, follow us on or Twitter.


FSC® printing, explained!

Posted on 14 Mar 2012

Who are the Forestry Stewardship Council Australia and what is an FSC®-certified print job?

The Forestry Stewardship Council Australia was founded in 2001 to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests.

Picton Press felt it was important to reduce the impact that we could potentially make on the environment that surrounds us, particularly as many of our jobs include resources directly or indirectly sourced from primary resources.

FSC® offered us a way to be greener than green because it is based on the principal of providing a chain-of-custody of the product from the original source through to the completed print-job. Each FSC®-certified job is traceable by a unique code that is assigned to each particular job. This is something that makes green printing tangible for us and our clients and allows our clients to have a certified product that also promotes their support of the environment to their clients.


To explain this further, lets follow the story of a single print job here at Picton:

In January, Chevron came to us because they wanted to provide calendars to their key staff and suppliers. It was important to them that this job was completed with the least environmental impact – so we decided the best approach would be to print this as an FSC®-certified job.

Thanks to the chain-of-custody, we can follow the paper used for this job firstly back to BJ Ball in New Zealand who are FSC®-certified, and then all the way to a paper pulp factory in France run by Arjowiggins. This job was certified as FSC®-Mix.

There are three different types of FSC® jobs that are available, they are:

  • FSC® 100%: Which means that the product is manufactured with 100 percent FSC®-certified virgin fibre from FSC®-certified forests.
  • FSC® MIX: This means the product is manufactured with a combination of FSC®-certified virgin fibre (from FSC®-certified forests), controlled sources and/or recycled wood or fibre.
  • FSC® Recycled: Which means that the product is manufactured with 100 percent recycled fibre of which at least 85 percent is post-consumer (PCW) cycled material.

To find out more and arrange for a quote, visit our FSC® Printing page or give us a call!


Better digital finishing – less cracks, quicker folds and faster turnarounds

Posted on 10 Nov 2011

We are proud to add a new folder, guillotine and creaser for the digital printing team here at Picton Press, as recently reported by Proprint.

This is going to mean we now offer better creasing and folding for digital runs and can reduce the cracking often experienced when folding digital jobs. This means a better end product for everyone.

The guillotine will speed up the process for both digital and offset jobs as the two big guillotines in the main factory can now run exclusively for offset jobs.

What are our group printing runs?

Posted on 20 Oct 2011

Group printing runs are a simple and cost-effective way to print offset brochures, flyers and posters on a press without the high costs or having to print thousands of units to make it more affordable.

Press printing or offset printing is done using a press rather than a digital printer, which results in a high quality and crisp print. The cost of this printing means it is usually only an option for small, medium to large runs. We make this an affordable option for runs for small, medium or large offset print jobs by putting your job on the press with others.

So to break this down:

  • 10,000 2-sided, full-colour DL flyers would cost $1889.00 for a dedicated digital run, $631.40 for a dedicated offset run and $374 for a group run.
  • 5000 2-sided, full-colour DL flyers would cost $967.00 for a dedicated digital run, $572.00 for a dedicated offset run and $307 for a group run.
  • 1000 2-sided, full-colour DL flyers would cost $295.90 for a dedicated digital run, $535.7 for a dedicated offset run and $259 for a group offset run.
  • 500 2-sided, full-colour DL flyers would cost $136.40 for a dedicated digital run, $535.70 for a dedicated offset run and $226 for a group offset run.

The rules are simple too:

  • Supply by Thursday and get the printing done by Tuesday for pickup.
  • Full colour printing means the process known as ‘Four Colour Process’
  • Stock is 150gsm gloss art only.
  • No PMS colours or varnishes are permitted.
  • Final artwork must be supplied by post (eg disk) or via Picton’s artwork upload system.
  • We supply you with PDF proofs and not hard copy proofs.

We want people to give group printing a try, so for the next week we are offering vouchers that can be redeemed within 3 months that entitle you to a 50% discount off the group rate. To register for a voucher, visit and sign up before the deal expires.

Top Recycled Stocks

Posted on 15 Sep 2011

We often find that we are asked what our top recycled stocks are and how these can be used in materials such as; annual reports, stationery, brochures, catalogues, corporate communications and newsletters to name a few. So here it is, straight from the account managers:

The top coated stocks are:

This comes in satin and gloss and these are available in different weights. These are both 55% recycled and come in 90gsm – 350gsm. This stock works well for both digital and press runs. This is a Spicers stock.

New Life
As with the Monza, this comes in both a satin and gloss and has 115-300gsm. This is 50% recycled stock. It is very popular for annual reports, newsletters, direct mailers, catalogues and corporate materials. Don’t forget, with all these materials you can also get the Green Stamp added by our team. As with Monza, New Life is great for both press and digital runs.

Cyclus Print
This stock is 100% recycled and comes only in a matt, it is extremely popular with our clients. The weight ranges from 115-350gsm. It is chlorine and reflection-free and works for both press and digital runs.

If you have any questions about stocks and costs, feel free to contact our team today or post us a question on our facebook page!

Picton Press wins PICA Environment Award for 2011

Posted on 09 Sep 2011

We are proud to announce that our team was presented the ‘Environment Award’ at the Print Industries Craftsmanship Awards last month.

Graham Jamieson, our General Manager, is pictured here with our award in our ‘green’ waterwise garden at the front of our building.

‘It’s great to be further acknowledged for our green practices and we hope that this helps our clients to see that we do all we can to be the greenest printer in town’ – said Graham.

Our team members are proud to be green and all 54 staff members currently taking part in the Lean Manufacturing Course, which will take about 18 months to complete.

To find out more about how easy it is to be green, visit our Green Page today or follow us on or Twitter.

ISO 12647-2 Accreditation

Posted on 12 Aug 2011

Picton Press is pleased to announce that we are now a PSO accredited printer.

Our new PSO accreditation is for consistent and predictable colour reproduction according to the ISO 12647-2 parameters. This in short is an international standard for colour management and consistency across all machines. For you as the client, this means Picton can offer you the best possible product every single time we print a job for you. This achievement is the result of Picton Press once again investing into technology to improve colour management, as well as a week long 3rd party audit to ensure that all of the ISO 12647-2 requirements are met at the Picton Press facility. If colour and the environment are important to you, choose Picton Press as your printer of choice.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the certification mean?

The certification means that the certified organisation operates a colour quality production management system and is capable of printing to ISO 12647-2.

What are the benefits of certification?

There are many benefits, including greater product quality, reduced wastage, reduced make ready and downtime, qualification for tenders, high quality colour print, highly motivated and skilled staff, new product markets and customers. ISO12647-2 certification is the only accredited certification which identifies high quality printers to customers and is verified through an independent and impartial audit and testing process.

Seeing Double?

To ensure we deliver on time every time, we invest in a backup for every piece of equipment in our Offset, Digital and Finishing process. We have more firepower than you will ever require and in the unlikely event that our clients ever need it, a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Our dedicated team are committed to meeting the tightest of deadlines and that’s why our operations runs 24 hours 7 days a week. With redundancy for all equipment, a 24 hour service, a comprehensive disaster recovery plan combined with our colour management and our environmental credentials, why not contact our lean Keen Green team today and see what we can do for you Visit our web site for more information at

Choose Print

Posted on 04 Aug 2011

Paper and print products are often thought of as not being environmentally friendly, however it is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to produce your communication or marketing material.
The paper industry plants more than it harvests which has resulted in there being 25% more trees in the developed world than there was in 1900.
Paper is biodegradable, renewable and sustainable. Growing and harvesting trees provides jobs while plantations provide clean air, clean water, wildlife habitat and carbon storage.
Print is tangible, effective and will come back to you as paper or board when recycled.

Paper Everyday!

Our friends at the Australiasian Paper Industry Association have created a fantastic online resource with all the facts on paper and plenty of reasons why you should use paper products. Read more at
Our favourite is contained in an insightful clip click here to watch it.

What is FSC® all about?

Posted on 12 Jul 2011

By now you have probably worked out that at Picton, we are pretty serious about the environment, and you have probably heard us rattle on about FSC® a bit, but what is it?

FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council. From FSC® certification provides a credible link between responsible production and consumption of forest products, enabling consumers and businesses to make purchasing decisions that benefit people and the environment as well as providing ongoing business value.

More info is available at

So what does it mean to me?

By displaying an FSC® logo on your print work, you can show your customers that you are being environmentally responsible and that you care about the environment.  The logo is globally recognised and will add value to your brand

As a client of Picton Press, you don’t need to be FSC® certified to have the logo on your print jobs, that’s where we have done all the hard work. To show the FSC® logo on your print job, all you have to do is:

  • Choose your FSC® Certified Printing Company. (Picton Press)
  • Choose your FSC® Certified stock.
  • Present artwork to Picton.
  • Picton will add FSC® logo onto a mutually agreed position for
  • FSC® approval which will be normally within 24 hours.
  • On approval we will also be given a unique reference number
  • for tracking and auditing purposes.
  • Picton will produce and deliver your product on time to you.

Visit our GREEN page under WHY CHOOSE US to find out more about our green policy. Alternatively you can contact one of our TEAM


Proud to be Green!

Posted on 04 Apr 2011

We are proud to announce that here at Picton, we are the first West Australian company to achieve both the SGP (Sustainable Green Print) and FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certification for our commitment to the environment, which we truly believe is second to none in this state.

Along with the highest level of Green Stamp certification, our waste management and Environmental practices are way beyond acceptable business policies and responsibilities.

To find out more about our green policy, visit our Green page under Why Choose Us.