Our clients find it pretty easy being green, because we do all the hard work for you.

We recycled 450 tonnes of paper in the last financial year. That’s the weight of 7 large elephants every month.

By educating our staff and building recycling into our work systems, we have dramatically increased the amount of waste we can recycle as well as actively reducing the amount we waste.

We have saved 525,000 litres of water in the last year. That’s 437 full bathtubs per month.

By further refining the way we make our printing plates from standard practices that used 2250L a day, to using 150L per day in recycled water, to the future of no water (or chemicals) at all in the coming 12 months.

We have saved the production of 20,000 one-litre tins in the last 2 years.

Since switching to bulk ink pumps over two years ago, more than 10,000 cans a year. We are still the only sheet-fed printer in WA that has invested in this green innovation.

We have recycled 1200kg of plastic per year.

Our stringent systems and regular meetings to evaluate our wastage has allowed us to recycle more than 100kg of plastic film and bottles per month. By reducing the use of chemicals, where possible, the number of plastic bottles being used has been actively reduced.

We have completed more green printing jobs than ever before.

By advocating green printing practices and by successfully achieving FSC® certification, we have processed more green printing than ever before.

We are saving resources through digital proofing on iPads.

Our new digital proofing via iPads using pixel streaming allows our account managers to show high-resolution printing proofs to clients. Markups can be made in ‘real time’ to give feedback straight back to the team in head office.

We invest in training and make time for education and process reviews.

Every team member is actively involved in the Lean Manufacturing (Certificate III and IV in Competitive Manufacturing) and plays a role in providing our team with feedback on how to further improve our practices. This investment pays off in measureable ways and has allowed us to be the industry leaders we are today.

We are committed to education and continual improvement.

We at Picton believe that we all should complete the chain of custody and fulfil our environmental commitment. We constantly educate our customers on how they can use our green products effectively to bring benefits to their own businesses and fulfil their obligation to the environment.