Our clients find it pretty easy being green, because we do all the hard work for you.

Our whole team is dedicated to being Green, which is why we were the first in WA to achieve Sustainable Green Print accreditation. That’s why we have also achieved the Green Stamp and FSC certification.

We only use vegetable and soy inks, which are natural and soluble – unlike other printers who still choose to use oil-based inks.

RecycleWe have lowered costs due to more efficiency and less waste. Less power, less paper and less time are guaranteed because our machines are the most efficient in their class.

paper waste binsAll our paper, plastic, wood and metal waste is recycled and we have stringent procedures to minimise the amount of waste we produce overall.

Simply by using Picton Press, you can display the Sustainable Green Print logo, Forest Stewardship Council® logo and/or the Green Stamp on all your printed materials.

Click one of the images below to download in EPS format.

Print                    fscgreen2015


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